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Stephen ChampionStephen Champion 

When will US Bank release a mobile app for Windows Phone users? Every other major banking institution has one. Are there any plans to release one in the near future?

CassandraCassandra (US Bank Internet Mobile Channel Group) 
We are not currently developing an app for the Windows Phone, but you can use our mobile site to access your account information at
Saikishore ReddySaikishore Reddy 

When will you start supporting Windows mobile phone app?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We are not developing a Windows app at this time. I will share your interest in have this app created with our developers. Currently is available for mobile banking.
Cory RsCory Rs 

Since there are currently no plans for an app for Windows Phone, is there someplace we can go to request one?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We work closely with the team that develops our mobile apps. I will make sure to share your feedback about this with them. We do have a mobile site,, that you can use to access account information through your phone.
Zico HamdaniZico Hamdani 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Thank you for your suggestion. I will make sure to share this feedback with our developers.
Maxine BladeMaxine Blade 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
If you have already set up a Personal ID and Password, but have not yet established your ID Shield questions, it will be necessary to visit our website to complete this process. To enroll for ID Shield, you will visit and enter your Personal ID to start logging in. On the next page you will be asked for your password, after entering the password and clicking Login you will be walked through the steps of setting up ID Shield. After completing the ID Shield enrollment process, you will be able to successfully login using the mobile app. If you require additional assistance, you can reach us 24 hours a day at: 800 US BANKS.
Cassie JorgCassie Jorg 

How do I accept the mobile terms and conditions?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Login to your mobile app. The terms and conditions will be displayed. Review the details and click "I accept."
Brian HansonBrian Hanson 

Can I use Mobile Banking to transfer money from my savings to checking account?

JoshuaJoshua (US Bank Internet Mobile Channel Group) 
Yes, absolutely! You can use the mobile banking application or the mobile web ( to transfer funds both to and from your accounts. Use the "Pay & Transfer" feature to complete this action.
Cindy McArthurCindy McArthur 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We would like to help get this resolved for you. If you call 1 800 USBANKS an Online Banking Specialist will be able to collect some information about your device and assist you with troubleshooting this issue.
Drew McLaughlinDrew McLaughlin 

How do I get my savings account to appear on my mobile app? It only shows my checkings.

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Every account that you are a signer on should automatically be included when you log into the mobile app. If you are not seeing one of your accounts, you can contact 24-hour Banking at 800-USBANKS (800-872-2657), to have this reviewed further.
Jim HanleyJim Hanley 

Can I nickname my accounts? How do I do this if so? Can it be done from the mobile app?

KatieKatie (US Bank) 
Yes, you are able to nickname your accounts using up to 20 characters. This can be done by going online to My Accounts, clicking on the account you would like to name, from there go to Add Nickname in the upper right hand corner. This cannot be completed on the mobile app.

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