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Eric SteigerEric Steiger 

Is there a way to increase one's daily limit on mobile deposits?

CassandraCassandra (US Bank Consumer Salesforce) 
At this time DepositPoint limits cannot be changed. U.S. Bank has made changes to the Deposit Point feature to help mitigate risk and ensure asset security. Your account limits may be increased (or decreased) in the future as U.S. Bank re-evaluates potential risk with this service. ^Cassie
Kyra AnbeKyra Anbe 

What happens if I deposit a check on the mobile deposit but I never get an approved confirmation?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We'd recommend calling our Technical Support department at 800-987-7237 so they can check the status of the deposit to determine if it's still being reviewed.
Bryan BullBryan Bull 
KatieKatie (US Bank) 
Hi Bryan, we suggest making sure you have the most updated operating system and if the app is still not working you can uninstall, do a full power cycle and reinstall. If this does not fix your issues please contact our Online Support Department at 1-800-987-7237 option #1.
Kim CramptonKim Crampton 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We recommend contacting our Technical Support department so they can submit a research request for you. They can be reached at: 800-987-7237.
James GayeJames Gaye 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Since the problem is still occurring after you’ve uninstalled the app and completed a power cycle of your phone, we’d want to start a case to have this investigated. If you contact Technical Support department at 800-987-7237, an Online Banking Specialist will be able to assist you with this.
Michael RobertsonMichael Robertson 
LeanLean (US Bank Consumer Salesforce) 
Some Android users are experiencing an invalid error stating their phone isn't compatible when it actually is. We do have a Mobile Team working on resolving this issue but currently we don't have a specified ETR. We're letting customers know, this message is not an indication they need a new phone and I apologize for the confusion. As a workaround in the meantime, we're encouraging customers to use Also, you shouldn't be directed to iTunes App Store when attempting to get the app for your Android. This may happen if you're on the full site and indicate you have an iPhone by mistake. I hope this helps.
Dean KingDean King 
LeanLean (US Bank Consumer Salesforce) 
I apologize for the frustration, Dean. We currently have a team working to resolve the issue customers are experiencing with the new app on Tablets. We've been recommending as a temporary workaround so customers can continue to use their devices in the meantime.
Dave SchmidtDave Schmidt 

Samsung phone with Android 4.0.4 wont update mobile app. I uninetalled and now i cant find app on Google play

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
If you visit this page:, and click the button that says Get the App, you can select your phone type and will be given the option to either scan the bar code or enter your mobile number for a link to the app. If you continue to experience problems getting our app downloaded, you can call our Technical Support department at 800-987-7237 and we’d be happy to troubleshoot with you.
Lori DiValentinLori DiValentin 

Yes I can see the transactions but I cannot see what is pending.

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
This is information that should be viewable through the mobile app. I'd recommend giving our Technical Support department a call at: 800-987-7237 so they can look into it for you.
Lori DiValentinLori DiValentin 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
When using the app, you should be able to view check card authorizations by selecting the account and then clicking the link that says Check Card Authorizations, which is located directly below the account balance. If you are not able to access this information, you can contact Technical Support at 800-987-7237 and they’d be happy to troubleshoot the issue with you.

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