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Dale GalloskyDale Gallosky 

Any update on getting a Windows Phone app comp. to Ally or Wells Fargo? Waiting on the app, then I'll switch banks.

KatieKatie (US Bank) 
We are not currently working on a Windows App at this time. I'll make sure to share your feedback with our developers.
Ray WoodRay Wood 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
A fee is charged for this service because it takes us a little extra work behind the scenes to get remote deposits credited into your account. We appreciate your understanding and will share you feedback with management.
Mackenzie GrayMackenzie Gray 

My mobile deposit of my tax return check was declined, do I have to deposit it at a branch or can I try it again on the app?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Once a deposit has been declined on DepositPoint, the app will no longer be an available option for making the deposit.
Anthony MaierAnthony Maier 

Why doesn't the iOS app utilize the Apple Touch ID for login?

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Our development team has advised us that they are investigating the possibility of adding Touch ID with a future release.
Anthony MaierAnthony Maier 

The Chase app has a feature where if you swipe right on the login screen it shows your current account balances without the need to actually log in. This would be a great feature for the U.S. Bank app as well.

AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
Thanks for the suggestion, we have been advised that this is a feature our development team is looking into the possibility of adding in the future.
Ayushman KuriyalAyushman Kuriyal 

Please develop an app for the Windows OS.

KatieKatie (US Bank) 
Thank you for your feedback Ayushman, I'll make sure to let our developers know this is something you are looking for. In the meantime you can use, which has most of the same functionality as the app.
Jinny BishopJinny Bishop 

I have been watching and waiting for this app to become available in the Amazon App store. Any idea if or when this will happen?

KatieKatie (US Bank) 
Our app is currently only available in Google Play for Android devices and Itunes App Store for iPhones. It is not available through any other carriers at this time.
James MapledoramJames Mapledoram 
AlysonAlyson (US Bank) 
We hear you! We'll work with our project managers and development team to try and get something on the radar.
Nicole BudzinskiNicole Budzinski 

My app for my android phone won't update and I can't use it until it does, what can I do?

CassandraCassandra (US Bank Internet Mobile Channel Group) 
If you uninstall and reinstall the application it should update you with the most current version. If you still continue to have issues after trying this please contact 24-hour banking at 800-872-2657. ^Cassie
Steffen UrbanSteffen Urban 
KatieKatie (US Bank) 
We are considering adding that enhancement in the future, thank you for your feedback.

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